Women's Slip-On Canvas Shoes

Express your unique style with our bright colors and detailed designs.

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Our Shoes Are for Happy People

The shoes on your feet ought to reflect the sunshine in your soul. Why wear a boring brown when a burst of color can brighten your day & bring a smile to those around you? With your world a rainbow of possibilities, you should enjoy every step along the way. 

Find Happiness Now

Rave Reviews

Find out why people are putting their best foot forward in our shoes, literally!

The colors on my Katrynthia Law shoes are bright and really make my outfits pop! Whenever I wear them to the store I get TONS of compliments!


These shoes are really cool. They stay clean forever and are super easy to clean if they get any dirt on them. Will be buying more for sure.


I'm happy from head to toe when my shoes are a kaleidoscope of color. They show who I am and who I want to be. 


Now my feet look forward to morning! 

Cee Jay

I usually just throw on jeans, a neutral top, and a pair of Katrynthia Law shoes - my outfits are simple yet SO stylish!  Thanks for designing such a beautiful, comfortable shoe.


So glad I found these! Much more comfortable than other shoes I own.


Your Purchase Supports Goldendoodle Rescues

In honor of our furry pups Labor & Waffles, a portion of every sale goes to the support of goldendoodle rescue charities. Thanks for helping out!

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Our Shoes Are for Happy People

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