What Does Color Say About You?

What does color say about you?

As for me, my car is blue. My office is blue. My living room is blue. My jacket is blue. My dishes are blue. My couch is blue. My basement is blue. My world is blue. 

Anyone would suspect it's my favorite color. And not just any blue. I'm consistent - it's always a light blue with a hint of green, be it aqua, teal, or turquoise.

Why am I so partial to this color? Why does it make my brain so happy and my heart so light?

I believe it's because it reminds me of wide open spaces, of endless skies, of carefree wandering, of long summer days, of boundless freedom, of fresh pure air, of effortless movement, of weightless flight, of unlimited possibility, and yes, of a perfect heaven.

And so it makes me wonder, how could anyone prefer anything else?

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Katrynthia Law
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