Who is Katrynthia Law?

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Our Story

We're often asked about our logo, and what the name actually means. Is Katrynthia Law a real person? And what's up with the paw print?

Well here's our story...

Several years ago Katrina wanted to start her own business, like her mother, and grandmother, and great-grandmother, and great-great-grandmother before her. She wanted to combine all the important aspects of her life into a company she was passionate about. 

As a graphic designer, she knew it had to be creative. AND colorful. She was never a monotone sort of girl. From head to toe, she enjoys enhancing her natural beauty. That may sound like bragging, but I'm allowed - I'm her mother. I'm so glad she invited me to be a part of her dream. We're much alike: both creative and sometimes messy (but always colorful). 

So Katrina + Cynthia = Katrynthia

She's an expert at makeup and even taught herself to make her own lipstick (which is fantastic). But her collection of 100 pairs of shoes got her thinking. Why is it so hard to find the perfect shoe for every occasion? Why are they mostly an afterthought, a mere add-on? Why can't I have colors and designs to reflect my mood every day, like my hair, my makeup, my clothes? I guess I'll just have to make my own!

And here you see the results of her passion. Our shoes are for happy people - and those who want to be happy. 

Speaking of happy, the happiest people I know are my dogs. They inspire me every day with their cheerfulness, their loyalty, their friendship. We adopted our goldendoodles, Labor and Waffles on Labor Day of 2007. 

That's our beloved L&W.

Sadly, Waffles passed away of cancer in May of 2019. But Labor is still going strong, if a little slow, and now has 2 youngsters to keep her company and keep her moving.

Every doodle deserves a loving family. So now a portion of every sale goes to the support of golden doodle rescue charities. Thanks for helping out!

Katrynthia Law
Katrina, Cynthia, Labor 🐾 Waffles